How To Change Safety Settings On Twitter
In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have, and select Settings and privacy. Tap Privacy and safety. Under Safety, check the box next to Display media that may contain sensitive content.

How do I see all media on Twitter?

Can I remove media from my media timeline? – Yes, you can remove media from your media timeline by deleting the Tweet that contains the photo, video, or GIF. Read about how to delete a Tweet:

From From the Twitter for iOS appFrom the Twitter for Android app

Please note that if you delete a Tweet containing a photo or video hosted by a third-party service, it will also be removed from your media timeline. If you’d like the photo or video to be removed from the third-party service, you’ll need to sign in and delete it there as well.

How do I turn off content warning on Twitter app?

Disable Twitter’s Sensitive Content Warning On Android – The content warning can also be disabled on the Twitter app for Android, and the process is very similar to how it’s done on the website. To disable the warning on the Android app, tap on the profile image in the top-left corner and then select ‘ Settings and Privacy’ from the slide-out menu.

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On the next screen, tap on ‘ Privacy and safety’ and then go to ‘ Content you see,’ Now, switch on the toggle next to ‘ Display media that may contain sensitive content,’ This will disable the sensitive content warning on Tweets. Any Tweets with sensitive content are also hidden from searches by default, but users can remove this if they want as well.

Once again, the process is applicable for both the website and the Android app, but not the iPhone or iPad. To get rid of the sensitive content warning from searches, head over to the website, click on ‘ More,’ select ‘ Settings and privacy,’ go to ‘ Privacy and safety,’ and tap ‘ Content you see,’ Finally, choose ‘ Search settings’ and uncheck the box next to ‘ Hide sensitive content,’ This will ensure that all content will be included in future search results on Twitter.

Why does Twitter say this tweet might include sensitive content?

Why Do You Receive the Warning – Your account might be banned if you post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on social media platforms like Instagram. Differently, Twitter allows you to post NSFW content, but it requires you to mark them as sensitive by clicking Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Safety > Mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive on the home page of Twitter. If you mark the tweet as sensitive, you are likely to post NSFW content frequently. However, you will receive the ” This tweet might include sensitive content ” warning once you marked the tweet. If Twitter says that a certain Tweet might include sensitive content, it means that the tweet includes inappropriate content like violence, nudity, sadism, etc.

Your account will be at the risk of getting suspended after posting NSFW content on Twitter without marking it as sensitive. Actually, the warning is to protect users from seeing something that they don’t want to see. Besides, you are allowed to change that setting to get rid of the warning. How to do that? Please keep reading the post.

How To Change Sensitive Media Settings On Twitter – View Sensitive Content On OR Off

Further reading: If excessively gory media, media describing sexual violence, and illegal content appear, Twitter will restrict them and prompt warnings like the below.

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This media may contain sensitive material.This profile may include potentially sensitive content.The following media includes potentially sensitive content.