How To Set Up Microsoft Family Safety
Family Safety app

  1. Download the Microsoft Family Safety app in the Google Play or Apple app store.
  2. Tap Get Started and sign into or create your Microsoft account.
  3. Add family members by email or phone number to create your family group.
  4. Follow prompts to connect devices, choose settings, and enable Family Safety features.

How do I set up Microsoft Family Safety on my computer?

Type and search in the Windows search bar①, then click ②. Click ③. You will be directed to Microsoft Family Safety official website. Select ④, then sign in with your Microsoft account to start using the parental control function.

Is Microsoft Family Safety free?

NewFolks may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The Microsoft Family Safety app was designed with parents like you in mind, and many of its valuable features are available for free. The app is available to download on Apple and Android devices.

  1. The app’s offerings are divided into four categories: screen time limits, content filters, location awareness, and driving safety.
  2. All except the driving safety are available for free.
  3. The paid version costs $99.99 per year but you can try it for free for a full month first.
  4. This app is a parents’ dream to help keep your kids safe when they’re out of sight both online and in real life.

Find out all about this app below.

How old do you have to be to use Microsoft Family Safety?

Web Interface – The Microsoft Family Safety dashboard is bright, white, and spacious, with cheerful graphics and green accents. All the elements are consistent, and the organization is excellent. Navigate the interface using the text options on the left-hand menu: Overview, Screen Time, Content Filters, Spending, and Find Your Child.

At the bottom of the dashboard, there is a section called Help with Microsoft family features that directs you to Help pages for tasks like setting screen time limits and setting app and game limits. At the top of the screen, you can access your Microsoft Account Info, Privacy, Security, Rewards, Payment & Billing, Devices, and Family.

The Privacy section allows you to manage your activity reporting and opt-out of data sharing with Microsoft. On the Security page, you can enable two-factor authentication for your account. As with Qustodio, you need to specify a name, birth year, and avatar for your child when you add them to your Microsoft Family Safety.

  1. When you enter an email address or create an Outlook account for each family member, all that information is required and populates the profile automatically.
  2. If your child is under 13 years old, Microsoft Family Safety will not allow them to set up their profile.
  3. The parent will need to sign in and give their consent to allow the child to make a profile on the app.
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To change restrictions for a child, navigate to the Family section, and click More options under the Child’s name. You navigate this area with six menu items: Screen Time, Content filters, Spending, Find on a map, Xbox online settings, and Remove from the family group.

Can Microsoft family see my files?

Someone is sharing Microsoft 365 Family with me, what do I need to know? – Can the person who’s sharing with me see my files? Can I see their files? No. Your files always remain private and so do theirs. This includes kids in a family group as well. Why can’t I access Microsoft 365 anymore? It’s possible that the person who shared their Microsoft 365 Family subscription stopped sharing it with you.

  1. Check with them to be sure.
  2. What happens if someone stops sharing their Microsoft 365 Family subscription with me? When someone stops sharing their subscription with you, you’ll lose all your Microsoft 365 Family subscription benefits, including extra OneDrive storage and the ability to use Microsoft 365.

You can still view and print your Microsoft 365 files, but you can’t edit them or create new ones. You always have the option to continue using Microsoft 365 Family by purchasing your own subscription.

Can Microsoft family see your history?

What activity is shared with my family organizers? –

Information about how much time you spend on your Windows, Xbox, or Android devices will be shared with your family organizers. Information about what apps and games you have installed and how much time you spend on apps and games will be shared with your family organizers. Information about your Microsoft Edge web browsing activity (such as the websites you visit, or search terms you use) will be sent to your family organizer to review on at any time, even if you clear your history. Your family organizer may also get a weekly email report that summarizes your screen time and online activity.

Learn more about what it means to be in a family group: Microsoft Family group roles, permissions, and data sharing

Does each family member need a Microsoft account?

If you’ve purchased Microsoft 365 Family, you can share your subscription benefits with up to five other people in your household, at no extra cost.

Sign in to your Microsoft account, Sharing page, Be sure to use the same Microsoft account that you used to set up your Microsoft 365 Family subscription. On the Sharing tab, select Start sharing, On the Share Office pop up, choose one of the below options.

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Invite via email Enter their email and select Invite, The email you use to invite them should also be the email they use for their shared Microsoft 365 subscription. They can then click on the Accept link in the email to Get Started installing Microsoft 365 Family.

What is Family Safety in Office 365?

Create a safe and healthy environment for your family with digital content filtering, screen time limits, and location sharing.

Why do I need Microsoft family?

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/ul> Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that ensures you always have the most up-to-date Office apps from Microsoft. With Microsoft 365 Family, you can install Microsoft 365 on all your devices and sign in to five at the same time―that means you can use Office no matter where you are or what device you’re on.

How do I accept a Microsoft Family Safety invite?

Accept the invite and start using Microsoft 365 –

  1. If you received an email inviting you to share Microsoft 365 Family, select Accept,
  2. On You’re invited, select Get Started, If you’re not already signed in, you may be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account, If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one. You must select the Get Started button and sign in with your Microsoft account before you move on to the next step.
  3. From the Microsoft 365 Family page, select the button Install Office and follow the prompts. For step-by-step help to download and install the apps, see Sign in to download and install Office on a PC or Mac, Tip: If you’d prefer to install the apps later, or you’ve already installed them on one device and now want to install them on another, you don’t need to do steps 1 and 2 again. Go directly to step 3 and if prompted, sign in with the same Microsoft account you used when you originally accepted the invitation.
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How do I get out of Microsoft Family Safety?

Yes, you can disable Microsoft Family Features for a specific user account by removing the account from the family group. Go to Settings, click on ‘Accounts’, select ‘Family & other users’, click on the account you want to remove and then click ‘Remove. ‘

Can you put Family Link on a computer?

Google Family Link is free for all users. Currently, the Google Family Link app is only available on mobile devices like Android phones/tablets and iPhones. However, you can use a Google Family Link alternative on your Windows or Mac computer to control the use of the computer by your children.

Does Microsoft Family Safety work on Chrome?

Does MS family block sites on other browser like chrome ? Hello Patrickanand, I am Jaspreet Singh an independent advisor. Sadly no family safety features don’t work on non Microsoft browsers similar to the way it works in edge / IE, You can block non Microsoft browsers but cannot control their operation.

  • Though chrome does have its own family safety features but it is limited to filtering websites on windows os More details here : Disclaimer: this is a non Microsoft website.
  • The page appears to be providing accurate and safe information.
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Can I log into Family Link on my computer?

Can parents use Family Link on a web browser? – Parents can manage pretty much all of their child’s account settings and features on a web browser, No app download needed.