Drive Safe’s top 10 rules to safe driving:

  • Drive at a safe speed.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Obey the road rules.
  • Concentrate at all times and be prepared.
  • Be patient and when in doubt, don’t proceed.
  • Plan your moves well in advance.
  • Give correct signals.
  • Be alert particularly at intersections.

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How can you walk safely on the road?

8 Walking Safety Tips –

  1. Follow the rules of the road and obey signs and signals.
  2. Walk on sidewalks whenever they are available.
  3. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and as far from traffic as possible.
  4. Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Look for cars in all directions, including those turning left or right.
  5. If a crosswalk or intersection is not available, locate a well-lit area where you have the best view of traffic. Wait for a gap in traffic that allows enough time to cross safely; continue watching for traffic as you cross.
  6. Watch for cars entering or exiting driveways, or backing up in parking lots.
  7. Avoid alcohol and drugs when walking; they impair your abilities and your judgment.
  8. Embrace walking as a healthy form of transportation – get up, get out and get moving.

Pedestrian Bystander Care

What is rule of the road?

: a customary practice (such as driving always on a particular side of the road or yielding the right of way) developed in the interest of safety and often subsequently reinforced by law especially : any of the rules making up a code governing ships in matters relating to mutual safety

What is rule of the road English?

On the Rule of the Road Summary in English by A.G. Gardiner Back to: In ‘On the Rule of the Road’ Gardiner emphasizes the necessity of certain constraints on individual liberty, if society is to function in a truly civilized manner. According to him, liberty is not a personal affair only, it is also a social contract.A.G.

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Gardiner defines the “Rule of the Road” in the following way: It means that in order that the liberties of all may be preserved, the liberties of everybody must be curtailed. In other words, each person must have some limits on his or her freedom in order to enjoy the freedom that comes from social order.

The author concludes the essay by saying that both anarchist and socialist must be a judicious mix. We need to preserve individual liberty as well as social freedom. It is in the small matter of behaviour in observing the rule of the road, we pass judgment on ourselves and declare that we are civilised or uncivilised.

On The Rule of The Road by A.G. Gardiner is a witty essay in a comic style that deals with one’s public responsibilities and civic sense. The central idea of the essay is that the protection of every person’s freedom involves the limitation of the liberty enjoyed by all. Liberty is not chaos, and it is not unbridled freedom.A.G.

Gardiner gives us the meaning of true liberty, and how it necessitates a measure of control. The essay is characterized by its simplicity, and the relevance of the content at the time of its publishing meant that it would catch the eye of many. An old lady was walking carelessly in the middle of the road, and when told that she should walk on the pavement, she responds that because she has liberty, she has the power to do anything she likes.

However, if that were true, then the world would be chaos. Anarchy would exist over liberty because if everyone was free to do as they pleased, nobody would have any kind of protection. So, it is essential to not lose ourselves in the concept of liberty and understand what the rule of the road is. Also understand that law enforcement is what allows a semblance of order to exist in the world, which in turn supports true liberty.

We can see that liberty is a social contract, an acceptance of everyone’s needs and an accommodation of them. In this text, a single example is used as a thread throughout the essay, that is, the titular ” Rule of the Road “. This single example is used to explain liberty, and it is a metaphor for all the regulations that exist to protect one’s liberty.

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This seemingly insignificant rule or example has a big impact in the big picture, as it represents the little things each person must adhere to in order to support the structure of life. Liberty exists when a person is free from oppression from authority and free from restrictions imposed on their behaviour, political views, decisions, and so on.

It gives people the power to act as they want to, and this is how they become ” liberty-drunk “. People reach a point of not being able to relinquish their freedom, even at the cost of someone else’s freedom. Liberty for the civilized is a willingness to restrain or restrict themselves out of consideration for the comfort and needs of another person.

  • Anarchy exists when there is an absence, or ignorance, of rules or controls.
  • It is a political ideal of absolute freedom of every individual, without a care for the needs of others.
  • It is, colloquially, a state of confusion due to the absence of any regulation.
  • The rule of the road means that in order “to preserve the liberties of all the liberties of everybody must be curtailed”.

When the policeman put out his hand at Piccadilly circus street, we must not think that our liberty has been violated. : On the Rule of the Road Summary in English by A.G. Gardiner

What are the common reasons of an accident?

How different factors of Roads contribute in Accidents: – Drivers: Over-speeding, rash driving, violation of rules, failure to understand signs, fatigue, alcohol. Pedestrian: Carelessness, illiteracy, crossing at wrong places moving on carriageway, Jaywalkers.

  • Passengers: Projecting their body outside vehicle, by talking to drivers, alighting and boarding vehicle from wrong side travelling on footboards, catching a running bus etc.
  • Vehicles: Failure of brakes or steering, tyre burst, insufficient headlights, overloading, projecting loads.
  • Road Conditions: Potholes, damaged road, eroded road merging of rural roads with highways, diversions, illegal speed breakers.

Weather conditions: Fog, snow, heavy rainfall, wind storms, hail storms.

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Is it safe to walk or drive?

Pedestrians in Tampa-St. Petersburg Florida face the highest risk of getting killed by a car, according to a report that ranks the most dangerous large metro areas for walking in the United States. The report by the Surface Transportation Policy Project, says the results show that walking is more dangerous in sprawling communities designed for the automobile.

Mean Streets 2000″ analyzes federal safety and spending databases and finds that per mile traveled, walking is 36 times more dangerous than driving. It also finds that in 59% of cases for which information is available, pedestrians died in places where they could not find a crosswalk. The report finds that dangerous streets are discouraging people from walking and may be contributing to serious health problems.

The amount of walking has dropped 42 percent in the last twenty years, while the percentage of overweight Americans has grown by 40 percent. In addition, places where people walk less tend to have more people who are overweight. A comparison of health and transportation statistics found that for every ten percent decrease in the amount of walking in a community, there is an almost one percent (0.7%) increase in the portion of people who are overweight.

Is it OK to walk on road?

2 – If there is no footway or footpath, walk on the right-hand side of the road so you can see oncoming traffic. You should take extra care and:

be prepared to walk in single file, especially on narrow roads or in poor light keep close to the side of the road

It may be safer to cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you. Cross back after the bend.

What is the definition of safety rules for kids?

Safety Rules for Kids While Using the Internet – We have briefly explained Safety rules for kids when using the internet in BYJU’S safety rules essay in English. Always be aware of who you are talking to online. Never give out personal information, like one’s address or phone number, and do not share pictures with random people.