What Are Some Good Safety Questions
12 safety questions to ask

  • What are the steps of your job?
  • What safety measures do you currently take?
  • Do you feel you’ve received effective safety training?
  • How do you determine what protective gear you need?
  • What are some potential hazards you’ve identified in our workplace?

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What is a good safety observation?

1. Identify the at-risk behavior. – The first step of any successful safety observation is to identify at-risk behaviors. Employees should observe and recognize behaviors that involve unnecessary risks as well as actions that could be improved upon. Some examples might be an employee not holding the handrails, an employee not wearing fall protection in an elevated position, or an employee riding on the counterweight of a forklift.

What is ABCD in safety?

ABCD stands for: Anchorage, Body Support, Connection and Descent/Rescue.

What is the ABC of Behavioural safety?

What is the ABC model of behaviour-based safety? – The ABC model is a way to evaluate employee behaviour at the workplace and consists of three elements: Activators or Antecedents, Behaviour, and Consequences. Let’s have a look at each of these.