What Do You Mean By Safety Rules
Definition – A principle or regulation governing actions, procedures or devices intended to lower the occurrence or risk of injury, loss and danger to persons, property or the environment.

Why do we need safety rules?

Safety rules are important because they protect us from injury, illness, and even death. Following safety rules helps keep everyone safe in a workplace, at school, or at home.

What is a simple word for safety?

synonyms for safety –

freedom security assurance asylum cover defense immunity impregnability invulnerability refuge safeness sanctuary shelter inviolability

On this page you’ll find 33 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to safety, such as: freedom, security, assurance, asylum, cover, and defense.

What is safety for kids?

What is child safety? – Child safety is pretty much what it says on the tin: a specific type of safety awareness that’s specific to hazards that children face. Child safety can encompass anything to taking precautions with fire to being extra careful when crossing the road.

  1. Child safety is, of course, really important as it is our responsibility as adults to protect children in our care from harm.
  2. Until they are old enough to put preventative measures in place themselves and understand the consequences of not staying safe, adults need to have a good grasp on child safety in all its forms.

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