What Is A Health And Safety Officer
How many health and safety officers do you need? – According to the Working Conditions Act ( Arbeidsomstandighedenwet ) every company must have at least 1 health and safety officer. Do you have 25 employees or less? Then you yourself may act as the health and safety officer.

Is occupational health and safety in demand in UK?

‘Severe shortage’ of OSH professionals drives salaries up iStock Some OSH skills were in such demand during Covid that some candidates were being offered a £30,000 salary increase to stay in position, a leading recruiter has said. Here’s an exclusive inside view of the current health and safety jobs market from There is a severe shortage of OSH professionals versus current demand, with the number of health and safety opportunities increasing by 58% in the first half of 2022 but applications decreasing by almost 75%, according to Gerry Pearson is director at Shirley Parsons Project Services.

This applies across all sectors and most regions globally, continuing even into the beginnings of an economic slowdown. ‘With unemployment at all-time lows in developed countries the shortage was increasing even before Covid-19,’ said Gerry. ‘While the pandemic was certainly not the cause of the recruitment issues in health and safety, it certainly exacerbated things in terms of the pause it created in new skills being developed to cope with the increased demand for OSH skills to manage the challenges of Covid.

‘Skilled health and safety professionals were in massive demand which drove up salaries by 10-15% (that’s before the current inflation crisis), with some skills being in such demand that some candidates were being offered a £30,000 salary increase to stay in position.

  • Brexit has also been a contributing factor in the UK and Europe with work eligibility barriers reducing the talent pool available to UK employers and encumbering UK freelance HSE professionals in supporting major EU-based construction projects.
  • ‘Organisations should look to train from within, accept non-sector-based OSH professionals with transferrable skills and be open to outsourced solutions to help address the challenges caused by the skills shortage.
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Also, a renewed focus on staff retention and/or being prepared to offer top rates and flexible working conditions will be key for firms seeking to attract and engage the best OSH talent.’ Gerry Pearson is director at Shirley Parsons Project Services

What are the top salaries in the HSE?

HSE staff member received almost €1m salary in 2022 One member of HSE staff received almost €1 million in salary last year as the HSE’s pay bill surged by €730 million or 11 per cent to €7.16 billion.

  • That is according to the 2022 HSE annual report which shows that eight HSE staff received between €500,000 and €980,000 in pay last year.
  • The top earner received between €970,001 and €980,000 in 2022.
  • The report also discloses that former HSE chief Paul Reid received €399,182 for 11 months work last year.

Mr Reid stepped down from his post on December 1st. His package last year was made up of basic pay of €339,549, allowances of €45,838 and benefit in kind (BIK) of €13,795. HSE chief financial officer Stephen Mulvany served as acting chief executive from October 3rd last year and received €90,379 for his acting role to the end of December.

  1. The figures show that the numbers earning over €100,000 at the HSE last year increased by 808, from 3,982 to 4,790.
  2. Along with the eight earning over €500,000, a further 352 earned between €500,000 and €250,000; 859 between €200,000 and €250,000; 977 earned between €150,000 and €200,000; and 2,594 earned between €100,000 and €150,000.
  3. The accounts disclose that an internal audit carried a detailed review of all employees whose earnings were in the pay band of €300,000 and higher in 2021.
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It states that “a follow up review will be taking place again on 2022 expenditure. Internal Audit’s review identified some instances where payments made to these consultants were inconsistent with policy.

  • “The review also identified potential internal control gaps around payments made to these consultants under local hospital arrangements”.
  • The note states that a high-level plan sets out a series of actions to improve the control environment and provides an indicative timeline for delivery.
  • In his report, the Comptroller and Auditor General Seamus McCarthy noted that the HSE Executive is implementing an action plan to address the issues identified around the high earners.
  • The report discloses that the HSE received Department of Health funding of €2 billion in 2022 to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report reveals that the HSE has incurred an overall write-down of Covid-19 vaccine stocks of €94.4 million. The write-off for expiry are based on stocks that are out of date as at the end of December and those that are due to be out of date or no longer considered to have utility in the programme during 2023.

On the Covid-19 spend last year, the PPE spend was €146 million; the spend on Covid-19 Vaccination Programme totalled €425 million; Covid-19 testing and tracing at €408 million; the costs of securing private hospital capacity at €173 million; Acute Hospital and Community Covid-19 costs at €598 million and an overall €208 million cost attached to the Pandemic Special Recognition Payment.

The HSE’s pension bill last year increased from €811.37 million to €898.07 million, made up of €158.98 million in one-off lump sum and gratuity payments and €739 million in ongoing pension payments. The HSE’s overtime bill increased from €240.33 million to €276.57 million as its agency bill rose from €568.45 million to €619.5 million.

  • The amount paid to HSE and agency staff in the Pandemic Special Recognition Payment totalled €99.15 million, made up of €85.88 million paid to HSE staff and €13.26 million paid to agency staff.
  • Numbers employed by the HSE last year increased by 3,719 from 85,508 to 89,227.
  • The HSE’s legal and professional bill last year increased from €197.98 million to €224.29 million.
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X : HSE staff member received almost €1m salary in 2022

How much does a Nebosh safety officer make in the UK?

Salary rate Annual Month Biweekly Weekly Day Hour How much does a Safety officer make in United Kingdom? The average safety officer salary in the United Kingdom is £32,993 per year or £16.92 per hour. Entry level positions start at £28,141 per year while most experienced workers make up to £42,951 per year.

How do I know what kind of control is needed?

How do I know what kind of control method is needed? – Back to top Selecting an appropriate control method is not always easy. It often involves doing a risk assessment to evaluate and prioritize the hazards and risks. In addition, both “normal” and any potential or unusual situations must be studied.

  • Evaluating and selecting temporary and permanent controls.
  • Implementing temporary measures until permanent (engineering) controls can be put in place.
  • Implementing permanent controls when reasonably practicable.

For example, in the case of a noise hazard, temporary measures might require workers to use hearing protection. Long term, permanent controls might use engineering methods to remove or isolate the noise source.