Why is safety in important?

Why is it important? – It’s good to know the benefits, so we’ve listed 10 reasons why health and safety is important.

It is morally right to ensure your workers return home safe and healthy at the end of every working day. By protecting your workers, you reduce absences, ensuring that your workplace is more efficient and productive, Research shows that workers are more productive in workplaces that are committed to health and safety. Reducing down-time caused by illness and accidents means less disruption – and saves your business money, In some countries, health and safety legislation is criminal law and you are legally obliged to comply with it. Legal breaches can result in prosecution, fines and even imprisonment of senior executives. To attract investors and partnerships you may need to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which will include how you protect your workers. Increasingly, customers want to buy products and services that are produced ethically – so you also need to think about the work practices throughout your supply chain and deal only with ethical suppliers that protect their workforce. More and more, job hunters – particularly Millennials and Generation Z – seek roles with employers who share their values, so without strong corporate responsibility and sustainability practices you may struggle to attract or retain the best employees, A good health and safety record is a source of competitive advantage : it builds trust in your reputation and brand, while poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability and can result in loss of trade or even closure of the business. Good health and safety at work secures long-term benefits for you, your business and the wider community.

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What safety stands for?

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Rank Abbr. Meaning
SAFETY Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002
SAFETY Sun Awareness For Educating Today’s Youth
SAFETY Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth
SAFETY Save Adolescent Females by Empowering Today’s Youth

Is safety a value or priority?

Value vs. Priority – To understand why, you have to understand the difference between a value and a priority. is defined as an established right to a certain higher degree of importance or precedence. In other words, something is more important than something else.

  1. On the other hand, is a fundamental belief that guides your attitudes, choices, and actions in all respects.
  2. If you think of safety as a priority, you think of it as more important than other factors, but that’s mostly a statement of relativity.
  3. If you think of safety as a core value, you think of it as a guiding principle behind everything you do.

Safety as a priority treats safety as another item on the to-do list, albeit an important item. Safety as a core value treats safety as the most important item. More than that, safety is the commonality behind every choice and action. Think of it this way, our priorities change depending on the situation but our core values usually don’t.

What does safety first mean?

So to put it together’Safety First’ means to put the condition of being safe from harm, injury or loss before other matters; making safety of considerable importance.

What is the meaning of my safety first?

Said to mean that it is best to avoid any unnecessary risks and to act so that you stay safe. Paying attention and being careful. attention.

What is meant by safety and first?

“Safety first; What does it actually mean? – The quote is made up of two words: Safety and First – Let’s see the definition of these two terms: Safety: A condition of being protected from anything or situation which could likely cause danger, risk, or injury.

  1. First: Preceding all other things in time, order and importance.
  2. Hence, “Safety First” means – Considering a condition of being protected from anything or situation which could likely cause danger, risk, or injury to precede all other things in time, order and importance.
  3. So if you have the understanding above about the quote, then you will value it.

Valuing this quote will reflect in your act and response to safety issues. When next you come across this quote, always remember to relate it to the definition above. It is the bed rock from which safety compliance is achieved. Further Reading What is Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) What is safety 13 Reasons why safety is important