Once certified, the validity of FSM certification will be 2 years. Depending on the kind of work they do, FSMs may be required to undergo intermediate trainings. To ensure that FSMs are invested in the success of the scheme and its goals, a refundable security deposit may be collected at the time of certification.

The FSM Certificate issued to him under this scheme is suspended or withdrawn by the FSSAI; or This scheme is withdrawn by the Authority Non renewal after the expiry of validity of FSM Certificate.

In case of a complaint or on assessment of the performance, FSSAI may impose penalty by way of forfeiture of deposit, suspension for a time period, cancellation of certificate of FSM or debarring future registration as FSM for a specified period. The grounds of the cancellation which may warrant such action may be

if State Food Safety Authorities report any misconduct of FSM. if FSM refuses to give a copy of the receipt/acknowledgement to the FBO; if FSM fails to furnish his name and unique identification number in the application/ return filed by him; if FSM fails to enter any information made available to him by the FBO, correctly in the application/ return by him; if FSM makes repeated mistakes relating to filing of applications/returns prepared by him; if FSM makes a wrong or fraudulent application/return despite being in the know if FSM is engaged in any financial irregularity, forgery or fraud; if FSM fails to comply with the directions issued by the FSSAI from time to time; if FSM fails to upgrade the skills as required by the FSSAI from time to time; or If FSM, after issuance of FSM Certificate to him under this Scheme, takes an employment in any Government Department. Any act in violation of these guidelines or otherwise which may lead to a wrong declaration to the Authority by FBO.

Before, cancellation, Food Authority may give an opportunity to FSM to explain his/her position.


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How can I renew my food license online in Uttar Pradesh?

Step 1: From homepage click on the box ‘Renewal of License and Registration Fee: Same as new Lic/Reg’. Step 2: Fill in the License/Registration no, validity end date and captcha code and click on ‘Submit’. Step 3: Click on ‘Proceed’.

What is the role of food safety Mitra in India?

Food Safety Mitra is an individual who undergoes training and is certified by FSSAI to perform activities on behalf of food business operators concerning implementing the FSS Act, Rules, and Regulations.

What is FBO full form?

For the benefit of. Also F/B/O.

How do I renew my PA Food facility license?

Retail Food Facility Licenses are issued to:

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Food Auctions, Grocery Stores, Convenient Store, Beer Distributors, Schools, Caterers and similar public food facilities where food is sold or served directly to a consumer from a physical location or facility. All retailers are required to obtain a Retail Food Facility License PRIOR to operating a Retail Food Facility. This includes new facilities and change of ownerships for existing businesses. Licenses are non-transferable to another proprietor, new facility or location.

How to Apply: All NEW Applicants

Download and/or print, the Application Packet – Retail Food Facilities and Restaurants under FORMS on the right hand side of this page.

Change of Ownership

New owners MUST submit ” Application Packet- CHANGE OF OWNER,”


Currently licensed facilities MUST submit ” Application Packet- Retail Food Facility- REMODEL ” to the Department prior to any remodeling or significant changes to the service, equipment, or facilities. There is no fee for the plan review application process.New owners who are also remodeling MUST submit BOTH applications listed above.

All material must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the preparation/sale of food from a retail food facility. Failure to provide all required information can delay and/or deny your plan review. Email is the preferred method of plan review submission.

If your county is under a County Health Department Jurisdiction, you should contact them directly for licensing. These counties include Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Erie, Montgomery, and Philadelphia.Do not send money with this applicationAllow 4-6 weeks for processing

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If Approved:

You will receive an approval letter via email or mailAn inspector will schedule an on-site inspection of the facilityUpon a compliant inspection, your license fee will be collected, and a Retail Food Facility License issued

If not Approved:

You will be sent a letter describing why the plans were not approved. Applicants are encouraged to re-submit the plans again with the corrected or requested information.

If inspection is not passed:

You will be provided with an inspection report stating your deficiencies. When deficiencies are corrected, you can contact your inspector to request another inspection. Renewal of Licenses – Renewal of licenses occurs annually with notification to proprietors approximately 45 days prior to the current expiration date. Renewals can also be processed online with a user account and unique business code. If you do not receive a renewal application or know your business code, contact the department at 717-787-4315. Lost/Duplicate License – Contact the department at 717-787-4315.


NEW retail food facility $241
NEW under 50 seats AND owner operated $103
Change of ownership $82
Annual renewals $82
Courtesy inspections $150
2 nd follow-up inspection $150
3 rd follow-up inspection $300
Duplicate license fee $14
Make checks payable to “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”


What is the rank of India in food safety index?

Among the larger states, Kerala secured the top ranking, followed by Punjab and Tamil Nadu Among the smaller states, Goa emerged as the leader, followed Manipur and Sikkim Additionally, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh secured the first, second, and third ranks respectively among the union territories.

What is a FBO ID?

Within the ambit of FSSAI, the word FBO is an acronym that stands for Food Business Operators. As the name suggests, the FBOs include individuals or organizations that are involved in the food business. FBO includes but is not limited to the various manufacturers, producers, caterers, those involved in the importing and exporting of food items, etc.

What is the purpose of an FBO?

What Is an FBO? | Everything You Should Know About FBOs An FBO is a fixed-base operator, which is a company that is given permission by an airport to operate on its premises to provide aeronautical services for aircraft, passengers, and crew. Generally, FBOs are the main providers of services in general aviation, or for private and recreational flying.

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What company is FBO?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Three Dornier 228 of Aerocardal at the airline’s Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport base A fixed-base operator ( FBO ) is an organization granted the right by an airport to operate at the airport and provide aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, and similar services.

  • In common practice, an FBO is the primary provider of support services to general aviation operators at a public-use airport and is on land leased from the airport, or, in rare cases, adjacent property as a ” through the fence operation “.
  • In many smaller airports serving general aviation in remote or modest communities, the town itself may provide fuel services and operate a basic FBO facility.

Most FBOs doing business at airports of high to moderate traffic volume are non-governmental organizations, either privately or publicly held companies. Though the term fixed-base operator originated in the United States, the term has become more common in the international aviation industry as business and corporate aviation has grown.

Can driving license be renewed online in Uttar Pradesh?

Online Application for Renewal of Driving Licence in UP Step 1: Visit the official portal of Parivahan Sewa. Select ‘Online Services’ and opt for ‘Driving Licence Related Services’.

How can I renew my Food license online in Bangalore?

Steps for Food License Renewal Procedure – We at ADCA can help you out in the compilation of all the documents required for Food License in Bangalore renewal. The fssai license renewal procedure is as follows

Fill the Form A (Basic FSSAI Registration) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI registration) in accordance with the previous license along with the self-attested documents as mentioned under the guidelines of Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations/Laws. Once the application is filled the authority will inspect it. The authority sends its competent officers to conduct an inquiry of the establishment. FSSAI officer will conduct a detailed inquiry and inspection of the Place of Food Business and formulate its report. is required to be issued within 60 days by the appropriate authority.