National Safety Day Themes (2011-2023) – We have shared some of the previous year’s themes of National Safety Day here:

Year National Safety Day Theme
2023 “Our Aim – Zero Harm”
2022 “Nurture young minds – Develop safety culture”
2021 “Learn from disaster and prepare for a safer future”
2019 “Enhance Health & Safety Performance by Use of Advanced Technology”
2018 “Reinforce positive behaviour at the workplace to realise safety and health goals”.
2017 “Keep Each Other Safe”
2016 “Strengthen Safety Movement To Realise Zero Harm”.
2015 “Build a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain”.
2014 “Workplace Management and Risk Control” and “Safety: It Takes Us Everything”
2013 “Working Together to Ensure Safe and Healthy Workplace”
2012 “Ensure a secure and healthy working environment – A fundamental human right”.
2011 “Establish and maintain preventative safety and health culture”.

What is the theme of the National Safety Day?

The theme for National Safety Day 2023 – This year’s theme is “Our Aim – Zero Harm”. The theme emphasises the significance of protecting society as a whole. The goal of the event is to cause as little harm as possible. Every year, a new theme is chosen for National Safety Day.

What is the theme of National safety Council 2021?

By India Today Web Desk : When is National Safety Day in 2021? National Safety day is celebrated on March 4th every year to propagate and create awareness among the general public about the various safety measures and hygienic measures that people need to inculcate in their lifestyle.

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What is the theme of the UN Road Safety Week?

Key messages of the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week : –

Governments and their partners need to rethink mobility – this includes investing in walking, cycling and using public transport, which can promote equity and health for people and the planet. Safety must be at the core of efforts to reimagine mobility – this puts road safety at the core for all road users. Thus road networks must be designed with the most-at-risk in mind – children, adolescents, persons with disabilities, pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transport. Walking and cycling, when safe, contributes to people’s health and makes cities sustainable and societies equitable. Safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable public transport solves many of society’s ill.

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Why do we celebrate National Safety Day in India?

National Safety Day 2023 – National Safety Day aims to throw light on safety measures that can keep citizens safe during a disaster or an accident. The Ministry of Labour and Employment set up National Safety Day in 1972 to encourage the public to be more aware of common safety protocols. This day has been observed since 1972 every year on March 4 in India.

Day National Safety Day
Observed March 4 (every year)
Observed In India
National Safety Day Theme 2023 “Our Aim – Zero Harm”
Launched Ministry of Labour and Employment
Aim To educate people about safety protocols and to encourage them to follow the protocols.