How do I get a food hygiene certificate in Scotland?

Everyone handling food in a business must be supervised and have had food hygiene training. This is a legal requirement and is an essential part of good hygiene practice. Those responsible for the Food Safety Management System of the business must have had training in the application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

  1. The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) provide approved elementary and intermediate level food hygiene courses.
  2. The elementary course is a basic course aimed at all food handlers, with the intermediate one being aimed at supervisor/manager level.
  3. A list of approved training centres can be found on their website.

To find a training centre in your local area, please visit the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) site. If you require further advice or information please contact Environmental Services,

How do I get a food hygiene certificate UK?

How do I get a food hygiene certificate? – To get a food hygiene certificate, purchase and complete the level of training you require for your job role and you will receive a professionally printed certificate in the post and be able to download a digital copy immediately upon course completion.

Who needs a food hygiene certificate UK?

Do I need a food hygiene certificate? – EC Regulation 852 requires that every person who works in food handling must be trained in food hygiene that is relevant and correspondent to their role. This training is a legal requirement across the food industry in the UK.

  1. It is the responsibility of the employer, not the employees, to ensure training is undertaken and is relevant to the employees’ roles.
  2. Although food hygiene certificates are not required by law, marks will be lost during a food hygiene inspection if a food business cannot provide evidence of staff training.
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Even if training has been completed, without certification this can be difficult to prove and may cause the Environmental Health Officer to ask more questions or try to determine food hygiene knowledge and training in other ways. The easiest way you can provide evidence of training to the EHO is by ensuring all employees have obtained a food hygiene certificate.

  • If the EHO is not satisfied that training has been completed effectively, this could cause you to score lower on the food hygiene rating scheme.
  • After your inspection, the EHO will award you a score from 0-5.0 = More than 50 points were scored, and urgent improvements are needed.1 = Between 45 and 50 points were scored.

Major improvements are needed.2 = Between 35 and 40 points were scored. Improvements are needed.3 = Between 25 and 30 points were scored. The business or establishment was found to be generally satisfactory,4 = 20 points were scored. The business or establishment is rated as good,5 = Between 0 and 15 points were scored.

Do you need a license to sell food in Scotland?

You may need a licence from the local council to work as a street trader in Scotland. You may need a licence from the local council to work as a street trader in Scotland. Contact the council in the area you want to trade. If you’re planning to sell food, you’ll need a valid Food Safety Certificate. The council will inspect your vehicle or stall to make sure it meets hygiene standards.

Do I need a HACCP?

How is HACCP used in the food industry? – HACCP is a system used by all food businesses, including catering, manufacturing and retail businesses, to ensure that they maintain good food hygiene standards and produce food that is safe to eat. It does so by requiring these businesses to identify and control all food safety hazards that are present in their workplace.