Which Of The Below Mentioned Provisions Come Under Safety Provisions

What are the safety provisions?

As an employee, apart from remuneration paid for work, your primary concern is safety. Factory workers are exposed to substantial risks working in highly mechanised plants around harmful materials. Therefore, it’s necessary to opt for all means to make the plant safer and ensure workers’ well-being in the long run.

Safety provisions under the Factories Act, 1948 Provisions ensuring the safety and health of workers are given under the Factories Act, 1948. These provisions apply to premises where ten or more workers worked in the past twelve months when manufacturing is carried out with aid of power.1 For example, a car factory may fall under the ambit of this law as a manufacturing process in plants like Maruti Suzuki and Honda involve more than 10 workers working with the aid of power.

The Act is applicable to premises where the manufacturing process is carried out without power when twenty or more workers have worked in the past twelve months.1 1 For example, a manual bidi rolling plant with more than twenty workers qualifies for this law to apply.

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Which is not a provision in Indian Factory Act?

The correct option is D Children below the age of seven could not be employed in factories.

What is Section 92 of the Factories Act?

Section 92: General penalty for offenses This section states that in case there is any kind of contravention with the laws of the Act, then the occupier and the manager of the factory will be equally responsible for the breaking of the law. They will be punishable for with imprisonment upto 2 years and fine upto Rs.

Which of the following diseases is not mentioned in the section 89 of Factories Act?

Q. Which of the following diseases is not mentioned in the section 89 of factories act?
B. asbestosis
C. phosphorus
D. pneumonia
Answer» D. pneumonia

What are the four welfare provision of Indian Factory Act 1948?

WELFARE PROVISIONS UNDER THE FACTORIES ACT, 1948 It lays down all essential provisions relating to cleanliness, ventilation, lighting, sanitary arrangements, health, safety & welfare of the workers in the factories.

What is Section 49 of the factories?

(1) In every factory wherein five hundred or more workers are ordinarily employed the occupier shall employ in the factory such number of welfare officers as may be prescribed. (2) The State Government may prescribe the duties, qualifications and conditions of service of officers employed under sub-section (1).

What is factory act?

The Factories Act,1948, and Model Rules and Notifications The Factories Act, 1948 is a social legislation which has been enacted for occupational safety, health and welfare of workers at work places. The objective of the Act is to regulate the conditions of work in manufacturing establishments coming within the definition of the term ‘factory’ as used in the Act.

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What is Section 92 of Companies Act 1956?

92. Power of company to accept unpaid share capital, although not called up. (1) A company may, if so authorised by its articles, accept from any member the whole or a part of the amount remaining un- paid on any shares held by him, although no part of that amount has been called up.

What is safety 4?

Aim: To further emphasise simple rescue techniques involving minimum risk to the rescuer. It is designed to test candidate’s progression from skills included in Awards 2 and 3 and as a preparatory step to the Rescue Awards. Prerequisites: None Award: Certificate Dress: Swimsuit / Wetsuit, shirt and trousers Validity: 2 years Ratio – Recommended examination ratio 16:1 (Examiner should ensure that safety is paramount) Note(s):

Goggles may be used in this award.

What are the safety policies?

Prepare a health and safety policy The law says that every business must have a policy for managing health and safety. A health and safety policy sets out your general approach to health and safety. It explains how you, as an employer, will manage health and safety in your business.

What is safety policy as per ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 OH&S Policy – The Top Management team should establish, implement and maintain an OH&S Policy. Organizations must commit to “satisfy” legal and other requirements and must apply the hierarchy of controls to OH&S risks. The policy must be available as documented information.

What is the definition of safety of measurements?

Safety measures means any reasonable steps taken by the responsible person to prevent an accident or serious injury or measures taken to eliminate any hazardous condition ; Sample 1.