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With the proliferation of computer aided design (CAD) software packages, manual drafting has now become a thing of the past. These software tools have made the whole process of creating engineering designs a lot easier and quicker for the people involved. CAD software have now become the tool to create and edit designs for an array of drafting requirements – from engineering, building and construction, architecture to interior designing and landscaping. Today, CAD software is in use in almost 90% of all workplaces. With the demand for CAD operators increasing day by day, taking up a training course in CAD can be advantageous in securing gainful employment.

The International Institute of Fundamental Studies (IIFS) located in Mavelikara in Alappuzha district is one of the leading affiliated technical and training centers in Kerala, dedicated to providing training for students and professionals looking to develop their technical skills and increase their employment prospects. The institute has grown to become a widely recognized institution for rendering comprehensive training courses in CAD.

The advantages of taking up CAD training courses at IIFS include:

Cad course wares offered by IIFS are industry oriented.

Students opting to study CAD can gain the skills needed to create and edit a variety of drafting, modeling and detailing assignments for construction, architecture, engineering, interior design and more. These skills can help them get jobs, switch careers or land promotions.

IIFS provides introductory and advanced CAD courses focusing on topics such as drawing, 3D modeling, productivity tools and layouts in their respective domain. The introductory course introduces students to the various CAD functions available and the ways in which it can aid the drafting process and includes topics like isometric drawing, lines and essential tools, arcs and polar arcs, object snap techniques, etc. Advanced topics include dimensioning, plotting, technical drawing, scaling and sketching, detailing, etc.

- Emphasis is laid on both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer-aided design.

- Experienced and industry-trained faculty are at hand for providing the edge for professional growth

- Economical fee structure makes it affordable for students from all economic strata

- Facilities include library and a computer equipped lab with the latest presentation tools and software

- A course completion certificate is provided to the students on completion of the course

- A successful rate of placement upon completion of course

Courses offered

Master Courses

- G-Engineer (Civil) 7 months (504Hrs)

- Master in CAD (Civil) 6 months (432Hrs)

- G-Engineer- Mechanical 7 months (504Hrs)

- Advanced Diploma in CAD Training 10 months (720Hrs)

Diploma Courses

- Diploma in Building design &Animation 6 months (432 HRS)

- Diploma in Interior Designing 8 months (576 HRS)

- Diploma in Machine Designing 4months (288 HRS)

- Diploma in Electrical Drawing 3months (216 HRS)

- Diploma in Project Management 2months (144 HRS)

Certificate Courses

- Certificate Course in Pre-Engineering 1M 2W (108 HRS)

- Architectural Visualization 2 Months (144 HRS)

- REVIT Architecture 1 Months (72 HRS)

- ArchiCAD 1 Month (72 HRS)

- Pro Engineer 2 Months (144 HRS)

- CATIA 2 Months (144 HRS)

- SOLIDWORKS 2 Months (144 HRS)

- ANSYS 2 Months (144 HRS)

- Primavera P6 1 Month (72 HRS)

- Microsoft Office Project (36 HRS)

- STAAD Pro 1 Month (72 HRS)

- AutoCAD Electrical 1 Month (72 HRS)

Specialized Programs

- Auto CAD (Civil based) 2 Months (144 HRS)

- Auto CAD (Mechanical based) 2 Months (144 HRS)

- Auto CAD (Electrical based) 2 Months (144 HRS)

- Auto CAD (Structural and Fabrication) 2 Months (144 HRS)

- Training at IIFS will give you the skill set and the knowledge that are relevant and industry specific, giving you the edge you need to get ahead in your chosen career field.

- Come and enroll today for CAD courses at the IIFS training center and move ahead in your career with confidence.



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