CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Why CEH...?

IIFS's cutting edge programs are defining the world of ethical hacking.

Course Contents

Module syllabus

01. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

02. Footprinting and Reconnaissance

03. Scanning Networks

04. Enumeration

05. System Hacking

06. Trojans and Backdoors

07. Viruses and Worms

08. Sniffers

09. Social Engineering

11. Session Hijacking

12. Hijacking Webservers

13. Hacking Web Applications

14. SQL Injection

15. Hacking Wireless Networks

16. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

17. Buffer Overflow

18. Cryptography

19. Penetration Testing

Course Objectives

CEH provides a comprehensive ethical hacking and network security-training program to meet the standards of highly skilled security professionals. Hundreds of SMEs and authors have contributed towards the content presented in the CEH courseware.Latest tools and exploits uncovered from the underground community are featured in the new package.Our researchers have interested thousands of man hours researching the latest trends and uncovering the covert techniques used by the underground community.

The Benefits of Obtaining CEH Certification

1. A Perspective into the hacker mindset: Unlike traditional security exercises, CEH certification inculcates an understanding of the hacker mindset, enabling anticipatory and proactive security measures.

3. Holistic Understanding of risks and vulnerabilities: The way to CEH examination is structured into domains provides a rock-solid foundation to understand the part risks play in an organization's daily routine.

3. Understanding Exploit Evolution: The CEH certification helps in understanding the complete exploit life-cycle.This enables security professionals look at security holes objectively and determine possible attack vectors, rather than merely responding to attacks.

4. Springboard for Advanced Certifications: Subsequent to CEH certification, candidates could further explore the security domain and follow-up with forensics,penetration testing and audit certifications



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